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If you are looking for a way to increase the size of your penis that is both safe and effective, then you will be hard pressed to find a solution that is better than SizeGenetics. This is the ultimate penis extender that guarantees that you will see a significant increase in size after using the product for a six month period. And if you are not satisfied with the increase in penis size, you can return your SizeGenetics device and get your money back.

The people at SizeGenetics are immaculately confidence in the effectiveness of their device, and that is obvious. They have a reason to be, because SizeGenetics has gone through many clinical tests, and all of these trials have proven that the device not only works, but that it is very safe to use as well.

According to most clinical trials that have put SizeGenetics to the test, after a period of six months, the average man will see an increase of an inch and a half in length and half an inch in girth to their flaccid penises. That is real length and girth that is permanent.

You have probably seen penis pills that promise the same thing, but most of these pills will only give you the illusion of size. Pills will be able to increase the size and strength of your erection, but once your erection goes away, your penis is the exact same size that it was before you started using the pills and before you had an erection. If you just want a bigger and stronger erection, pills might be the way to go, but if you want to actually increase the real size of your penis, whether it is hard or flaccid, then you are better off using a penis extender such as SizeGenetics.

The process by which growth is achieved is very simple. It is a process that is called penis traction. When you put your penis in the SizeGenetics device, you are stretching your penis gradually. As you stretch your penis, you are causing painless, microscopic tears in the tissue of your penis. The body then responds to heal these tears and it creates new cells that will heal them. When you repeat this process every day, little by little, you are adding more tissue to your penis. That is how the size is achieved. The more tissue you have on your penis, the more length and girth you will have. And this increase in size is permanent.

Of course, this process needs time to work, but SizeGenetics and the process that comes along with it have been designed in order to guarantee your absolute safety. There is no safe way to increase the size of your penis overnight. But if you are patient and work on it every day with the SizeGenetics device, in six months you will see real change and real size that will never go away.


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